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  • PheNode is the first comprehensive, modular, affordable remote phenotyping device designed to evolve with the user. Modular and customizable, the PheNode will adapt to changing research and production goals.

  • Integrate new sensors as they become available

  • Agrela’s embedded systems architecture and comprehensive onboard diagnostics verify research quality data collection and statistical accuracy across all devices in any environment

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to maintain high level quality control and component traceability

  • Remote imaging allows the user to monitor plant phenophases, crop damage and more

  • Database and software can be hosted on various platforms, including your own private network

  • Tailor and normalize data outputs for your machine learning models

  • Completely solar powered and made from recyclable materials


PheNode Diagram

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PheNode is designed for maximum flexibility.

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Adjust PheNode's height to accommodate different crops

PheNode is Modular

2 Modules for Strawberries
3 Modules for Grain Sorghum
4 Modules for Maize

Indoor / Outdoor Applications

Whether indoors or outdoors, the PheNode can accommodate your phenotyping needs.

Install PheNode on the side of the field as a base station for a wireless sensor network...


...or install the PheNode within the crop field in order to closely monitor intracanopy environmental conditions and crop phenophases with imaging sensors.

Use PheNode’s pole structure indoors as a movable phenotyping station...

...or mount the control module to an existing or custom structure, and create a fixed phenotyping station.


Campbell Scientific SoilVUE10 profile probe

Acting as a base station, the PheNode can be positioned outside the crop field so daily operations remain unencumbered. The wireless sensors will send their data to the PheNode via LoRaWAN or WiFi communication every hour, 24 hours a day throughout the growing season.

The following soil probe options will be plug-and-play
compatible with the wireless sensors at launch:


Teros 12


Teros 21

Acclima TDR


Wireless Sensors

These battery operated sensors placed in each plot or in select, representative areas in the field, remotely collect data throughout the growing season. These data, along with the sensor’s diagnostics, are then transmitted to the PheNode via  LoRaWAN or WiFi communication.

Wireless Sensor Detail.jpg