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PheNode is a scalable, environmental sensor platform that encourages innovation by providing users the freedom to build custom solutions tailored to their unique needs.

  • Customizable – custom sensor options, custom data cleaning​

  • Modular – physically reconfigurable for indoor/outdoor operations​

  • Scalable sensor area – command a fleet of wireless sensors with a single PheNode​

  • API access - stream your data into robust data visualization platforms like Grafana​

  • Adaptable – edit the functionality of specific software features, such as automated data normalization preferences, to accelerate your data analyses​

  • Physically robust – made from aluminum and other durable, recyclable materials

PheNode2024 elevation.png
PheNode2024 elevation with sensors.png

PheNode Overview

PheNode Overview
Wireless Sensor Overview

Wireless Sensor Overview

Wireless Sensors 2024.png

PheNode is designed to evolve with the user.

Our flexible technology will allow the ongoing integration of new components and sensors…


…while remaining compatible with leading data visualization platforms

Wireless Sensor Network

Expand your measurement range

The wireless sensors can communicate up to 1km away and increase your measurement area by 500+ acres with a single PheNode. These battery-operated, solar-powered sensors placed in representative areas in the field remotely collect data throughout the growing season. These data are then transmitted hourly to the PheNode via LoRaWAN or Bluetooth communication.

Wireless Sensors 2024.png
WSN LoRa Fields 3.jpg

A single PheNode stationed strategically can gather data from multiple fields over large distances, and farming operations remain unencumbered for most of the season.


Indoors, the wireless sensors can help users map out the variability of controlled environments.

GUI Monitor.png

Graphic User Interface

  • Manage, view and download data for an entire PheNode fleet

  • View and compare images taken by your PheNode(s)

  • Manage the wireless sensor network for every PheNode in your fleet

  • Flexible, robust data visualization powered by Grafana

  • Set data cleaning preferences for .csv downloads

  • Create accounts for sub-users

  • Remote PheNode control

  • Give registered users API access in order to further customize data downloads for faster ML uptake

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