PheNode's official release - Spring 2021

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What is PheNode?

  • PheNode is the first comprehensive, modular, affordable remote phenotyping device designed to evolve with the user. Modular and customizable, the PheNode will adapt to changing research and production goals.

  • Integrate new sensors as they become available

  • Agrela’s embedded systems architecture and comprehensive onboard diagnostics verify research quality data collection and statistical accuracy across all devices in any environment

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to maintain high level quality control and component traceability

  • Remote imaging allows the user to monitor plant phenophases, crop damage and more

  • Database and software can be hosted on various platforms, including your own private network

  • Tailor and normalize data outputs for your machine learning models

  • Completely solar powered and made from recyclable materials


PheNode Diagram


PheNode is designed for maximum flexibility.


Adjust PheNode's height to accommodate different crops

PheNode is Modular

2 Modules for Strawberries
3 Modules for Grain Sorghum
4 Modules for Maize

Indoor / Outdoor Applications

Whether indoors or outdoors, the PheNode can accommodate your phenotyping needs.

Install PheNode on the side of the field as a base station for a wireless sensor network...

...or install the PheNode within the crop field in order to closely monitor intracanopy environmental conditions and crop phenophases with imaging sensors.

Use PheNode’s pole structure indoors as a movable phenotyping station...

...or mount the control module to an existing or custom structure, and create a fixed phenotyping station.


Campbell Scientific SoilVUE10 profile probe

Acting as a base station, the PheNode can be positioned outside the crop field so daily operations remain unencumbered. The wireless sensors will send their data to the PheNode via LoRaWAN or WiFi communication every hour, 24 hours a day throughout the growing season.

The following soil probe options will be plug-and-play
compatible with the wireless sensors at launch:


Teros 12


Teros 21

Acclima TDR


Wireless Sensors

These battery operated sensors placed in each plot or in select, representative areas in the field, remotely collect data throughout the growing season. These data, along with the sensor’s diagnostics, are then transmitted to the PheNode via  LoRaWAN or WiFi communication.


PheNode's Backend

...or host the backend on your own private network.

Host the backend on a cloud
infrastructure platform of your choice (AWS, Azure, etc.)...

PheNode’s backend is portable.

Send all the data collected from your
PheNodes to a single destination.


User Dashboard

View and retrieve data from all your PheNodes in a single dashboard.

Wireless sensor data

Data preferences

Wireless sensor data

Imaging data

Environmental data

  • View real time data as the PheNode sends it to the cloud

  • Enter a custom time range and download raw or processed environmental and diagnostic data in .csv or .xlsx format

  • GPS coordinates confirm the location of your device for logistical as well as security purposes

  • Toggle through all PheNodes connected to a single account

  • Enter a custom time range and download raw or processed imaging data in .zip format

  • Monitor all wireless sensor data


Let PheNode clean your data

Set conditions for data downloads in order to accelerate the data analysis process.


Choose a PheNode


  •     LoRa gateway for wireless sensors

  •     Cellular and Wifi communications

  •     5MP RGB imaging module

  •     Camera arm, mount and crossbar

  •     Solar panel and power module

  •     Inspeed Vortex Anemometer

  •     Pronamic Professional Rain Gauge

  •     Meter Teros 12 Soil Probe

  •     (3) temp, air pressure, humidity sensors

  •     Plug in up to (4) additional wired sensors and connect as many wireless sensors as you need

Standard Outdoor PheNode
Starting at $4,999

Add ground spikes and guy
wires for in-field support: $79

Standard Indoor PheNode
Starting at $2,499


  • LoRa gateway for wireless sensors

  • Cellular and Wifi communications    

  •  5MP RGB imaging module

  • Camera arm and mount

  • Plug in up to (4) wired sensors and

    connect as many wireless sensors as
    you need


Add wireless sensors for $299 each
Add the basic pole structure for sensor and imaging support for $1,599

Choose your sensors

Agrela can integrate most sensors upon request. At launch, the following sensor options will already be integrated and available to customers. Contact Agrela for pricing.
Inspeed Vortex
Wind Sensor

wind speed

Link to sensor specs


Link to sensor specs
Meter Atmos 22
Digital Wind Sensor

windspeed, direction,
gust, tilt

Link to sensor specs
Texas Electronics
TR 525-M Rain Gauge
w/9.66" Funnel


Link to sensor specs
Meter Teros 12
Soil Probe*

volumetric water content, electrical conductivity, soil temperature

Link to sensor specs
Meter Teros 21
Soil Probe

soil water potential
soil temperature

Link to sensor specs
Apogee Instruments
SQ 522 PAR Sensor
Photosynthetic Active Radiation (389 to 692nm)

Link to sensor specs
TDR 310H Soil Probe
volumetric water content, electrical conductivity, soil temperature, permittivity

Link to sensor specs
Campbell Scientific
Soil Profile Probe
volumetric water content, electrical conductivity, and soil temperature at 9 different depths for 1 meter

Link to sensor specs
* Sensor included with standard outdoor PheNode system
As shown above - includes legs, crossbar (for sensor mounting), camera arm to mount a control module or imaging module, (3) pipe sections - each contain (1) lux sensor, (1) BME sensor
(temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors) as well as (1) connector for adding junction boxes, imaging modules and more.
Bare Pole Structure
(for Indoor Applications
Wireless Sensors
  • Onboard temperature, humidity, air pressure and lux sensors
  • (1) SDI-12 plug and play connector
Junction Box
  • (4) plug and play connectors for integrating additional sensors
  • Plugs into any pipe section
Imaging Module
  • 5MP RGB camera
  • Onboard WiFi
  • Camera arm and mount
  • (4) plug and play connectors
  • Multispectral: Coming 2022
Pipe Sections
  • Temperature, humidity, air pressure and lux sensors and (1) connector to add a junction box, imaging module or power module

Choose your accessories

Further customize your PheNode with the following options:
Camera Arm Segment
  • Get closer to your plants
    with each segment
  • (made from aluminum and steel)
Guy Wires &
Ground Stakes
  • (3) guy wires with turnbuckles
  • (4) 18” ground spikes
  • (3) 30” ground spikes

Choose your services

Agrela will offer a variety of flexible service options for users.
Hardware Purchase
  • Customize configurations
  • Accessories, sensor upgrades
  • Indoor/Outdoor configurations
Indoor Systems starting at $2,499
Outdoor Systems starting at $4,999
Equipment Leasing
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Includes replacement parts & tech support*
  • Customize your system
  • Discounts on hardware upgrades
  • Includes shipping (US and Canada only)
Starting at $2,499 per year / per PheNode
Support and Maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Software / Firmware updates
  • Parts replacements
Starting at $599 per year
Data Usage & Storage
  • Cellular data via global SIM
  • Fees scale with sampling rates
  • Cloud data storage, downloads & all other database inquiries
Starting at $49 per month / per PheNode
Custom Solutions
  • Integrate novel sensors
  • Customize the user dashboard
  • Integrate the backend database into your private network
Contact Agrela for more information
  • Image processing (multispectral)
  • Computer vision (flower counting, flower detection, disease and pest detection)
  • Vegetation indices - NDVI, PRI
    (multispectral only)
Coming 2022

About Us

Agrela is an agtech start up that began at the Danforth Plant Science Center is St Louis, MO in 2016.
Founded by plant scientists, Agrela believed there should be a flexible, remote phenotyping device for researchers, by researchers. Agrela aims to accelerate the crop breeding process by filling the quantitative gaps in remote field phenotyping, guaranteeing research quality data collection and demonstrating operational consistency across all its devices.
Currently wrapping up its 4 years long research and development on core concepts, Agrela will officially launch its first commercial product, PheNode, in the spring of 2021.


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